Saturday 9 July 2011

After the excitement of our London conference, I am now thinking about our next North London meeting. As we will be away most of May, I think we will have a short break, and have our next meeting on Saturday 9th July, which will be a Saturday morning meeting followed by a shared lunch, hopefully in the garden. Following on from the conference, Kenan Malik, one of our speakers, has put his talk on his website. I thought it would be interesting if we could read this and use it as a basis for discussion on 9th July. http://www.kenanmalik.com/lectures/moral_certainty.html
If you have any other readings or thoughts, related to the conference subject, please also bring them, and we could combine discussion of Kenan's talk with a magazine programme. Please also bring a dish or contribution to lunch. We will provide drinks. The meeting will be at our house, 61 Fordington Road, Highgate, London N6 4TH and will start at 11.00 am with coffee. We hope to have lunch at about 1.00pm.
Best wishes,