Monday, 23 April, Meeting, 2012

Our next North London Sea of Faith meeting will be on Monday 23rd April at 8.00pm at our home, 61 Fordington Road, Highgate, London N6 4TH.

Several of us were able to go to the SOFIC conference on 10th March and we found it most interesting. It was very well attended and was a great success.

We hope to be able to discuss ideas and topics arising from this when we meet on 23rd, so please come with ideas to discuss if you were there.

I also have a short dialogue with Don Cupitt on Non-Realism about God,which I hope I may be able to play aloud on the computer, so, if we run out of material from the conference, we could listen to this and have some discussion on it. I do hope you will be able to come.

Best Wishes
Janet Seargeant