Next Meeting, Wednesday 17 April, 8.00pm.

Dear All,
The next meeting of our North London SOF group will be at our house:
61 Fordington Road, Highgate, London N6 4TH
Wednesday 17th April starting at 8.00pm.

The following three films were all nominated for the Best Film Oscar in this year's Oscars on 24 February 2013:

We will discuss this year's Oscar-nominated best films, particularly 'Life of Pi', 'Lincoln', and 'Amour'

'Life of Pi': Do we need a narrative to cope with life? Should it include 'God'? Do we need an antagonist to focus on to get through life?

'Lincoln': Do lofty ends justify low means?

'Amour': Are there limits to true love in older age?

I do hope you will be able to come.

Best wishes

Janet Seargeant