Our Next Group Meeting: Wednesday 13th November, 8.00pm

Now that our London SOF conference is over it is time to turn our attention to our next meeting as a group. We were delighted with the conference which went very well with an attendance of around 210 people. I think we all agreed that our three speakers were very good and gave a spectrum of views which left us much to think about.

Our next group meeting will be on Wednesday 13th November at 8.00pm at our house,  61 Fordington Road, Highgate, London N6 4TH.

As we have just received the latest edition of the SOF magazine, Sofia, with copies of the three talks given at the July conference in Leicester, I thought we could discuss these three talks and the general topic of that conference which was  "For the Common Good".

We may bring in thoughts from our London conference as well, which may be relevant, but as we have not yet got the talks from London in print, we will focus on the Summer conference as presented in Sofia.

Janet Seargeant