Next Meeting, Saturday, 5th July, 2014, 11.00am.

The next North London SOF meeting will be at the home of John and Janet Seargeant, 61 Fordington Road, Highgate, N6 4TH on Saturday, 5th July, 2014, 11.00am.

This will be our summer lunch meeting. We will start at 11.00 am with coffee and then have the meeting followed by a shared lunch, hoping to be able to spend time in the garden.

Please bring food towards the shared lunch. We will provide wine and soft drinks.

It was suggested at our last meeting that an interesting follow-on from the talk and discussion we had looking at " from Honest to God to Sea of Faith" would be for each person to bring a short reading from one of Don Cupitt's books and contribute to discussion on the extracts.
The idea would be for everyone to find something that particularly spoke to them and say why they found it useful and interesting. We will therefore hold the meeting in the format of a magazine meeting with these contributions from each of us. Please therefore bring an extract from one of Don's books to share, as well as your contribution to the lunch.